The VESA DisplayPort Compliance Program provides several benefits:

  • Supports the brand by insuring interoperability and licensing the brand logo for identification of compliant products by consumers.
  • Enables measurement of compliance in real products.
  • Provides reasonable measures of acceptability.

Products that pass this level of acceptability are added to the Integrators List and have the right to license the DisplayPort Logo. Please reference the Compliance FAQ section if you have further questions.

The VESA DisplayPort Compliance Program is managed by VESA. Jim Choate is the compliance manager.

Authorized Test Centers (ATCs)

VESA certified 3rd Party Test Centers have been trained to perform tests for specific product types. Vendors are encouraged to pre-test their products in their own labs prior to submitting them for testing at a certified test facility. To earn the opportunity to receive a DisplayPort Logo for your product(s), each product must pass a series of tests as described in the PHY Layer Compliance Test Specification and Link Layer Compliance Test Specification.

Currently Qualified DisplayPort Compliance Test Centers

Allion Labs, Inc. 9F, No. 3-1, Yuan Ku Street Taipei, Taiwan 11503, R.O.C. Tel: +886-2-2655-7877 Fax: +886-2-2655-7879 Email: URL:

Allion Labs, Inc.-North America 14940 NW Greenbrier Parkway Beaverton, Oregon, USA, 97006 Tel: +1 (503) 906-8150 Fax: +1 (503) 352-0905 Email: URL:

Allion Labs, Inc.-Shenzhen, SuperD Technology Tower, 8F, No.12, Keji South 8th Rd. Nanshan District, Shenzhen, 518057, PRC. Tel: +86-755-86636380 Fax: +86-75586636330 Email: URL:

Allion Japan Inc., Takanawa Park Tower 1F/12F, 3-20-14, Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan 141-0022, Tel: +81-3-5488-7368 Fax: +81-3-5488-7369, URL:

Cable Assemblies and Connector Labs ETC Miss Sophia C. Liu Leader, Electronics Testing Department, ETC No.8, Lane29, Wen-ming Rd. Kui-shan Hsiang, Taoyuan Hsien 333 Taiwan Tel: (886)-3-3276153 Fax: (886)-3-3276127 E-mail: URL:

Granite River Labs – Silicon Valley 3500 Thomas Road, Suite A Santa Clara, CA 95054 Tel: +1-408-627-7608 Fax: +1-408-912-1810 Email: URL:

Granite River Labs – Taipei Lab 技流科技有限公司 8F, No. 314, Sec. 1 Neihu Road, Neihu District Taipei City 11493, Taiwan R.O.C. Main Phone: +886 (2) 657-2199 Email: URL:

Granite River Labs – Hsinchu Lab 技流科技有限公司 6F-12, No. 8, Ziqiang S. Rd. Zhubei City, Hsinchu County 30264, Taiwan R.O.C. Main Phone: +886 (3) 657-9867 Fax : +886 (3) 657-9819 Email: URL:

Granite River Labs Japan Ltd., Shin-yokohama Urbansquare 5F,  1-3-1 Shin-yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama 222-0033 Japan Tel: +81 45-470-0030 Fax: +81 45-470-0031 Email: URL:

Granite River Labs (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Rm. 503, Building A, No. 495, Shangzhong Rd., Xuihui District, 200231, Shanghai Tel: +86 (21) 5439-9037 Email: URL:

CESI Technology Company Ltd. No.8 Tongji South Road,Economic-Technological Development Area Bejing, China 100176 Tel: +86-10-64102361-22 Fax: +86-10-64102365 E-mail: URL:

Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA) 267-2 Seohyeon-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-city, Gyeonggi-do, 463-824, KOREA Fax: +82-31-724-0026 Mobile: +82-10-5111-1443, E-mail:, URL:

Underwriters Laboratories Taiwan Co., Ltd. 優力國際安全認證有限公司1st Floor, 260, Da-Yeh Road, Peitou District, Taipei City, Taiwan 112 Tel: 886.2.7737.3000 Fax: 886.2.7737.3430/1 Email: URL:

Integrated Service Technology, Inc. 1F, No.18, Lane 30, Sec 1, Jiuzong Rd. Neihu district, Taipei City, Taiwan Tel +886-2-2792-2890 Fax +886-2-2792-5680 E-mail:


Compliance Checklists are a simple set of questions measuring product compliance in areas that are difficult to test. Checklists are very valuable tools for designers as the product are being designed and debugged.

VESA recognizes some DisplayPort enabled products are very similar (Example: different color of packaging) but may still have different product SKU’s or model numbers. In an effort to not create extra work for product makers by requiring these similar products to be tested, VESA has established a Qualification by Similarity Guideline (see below).

At the conclusion of the testing, the tester knows whether the tested device is DisplayPort compliant, and if the device is considered to be compliant, the appropriate paperwork is sent to VESA via the compliance manager.

The VESA DisplayPort Trademark License Agreement

Usage of the DisplayPort logo requires a product to be compliant as demonstrated by passing the DisplayPort Compliance Program. In addition to successfully completing the DisplayPort Compliance Program and having their product included under their company name on the Integrators List, companies must complete:

  • The VESA DisplayPort Trademark License Agreement must be signed for access to the logo artwork and the right to use the logo with products that pass DisplayPort Compliance Testing and are included in the Integrators List.

After earning the certified logo and completing the appropriate paper work you have earned the right to use the compliance logo. Your product will be listed on the DisplayPort website according to product type.

VESA Sponsored Interoperability PlugTests

DisplayPort Interoperability PlugTests are members-only events held regularly to promote DisplayPort product development, help foster communication between DisplayPort product manufacturers and ensure that DisplayPort products operate together. Our goal is to eliminate interoperability problems by ensuring proper implementation of DisplayPort products.

PlugTests are held about twice a year at hotels in various locations and typically run for four days. Private test sessions are also scheduled between vendors. During these test sessions, the vendors validate that their products work well together.

Qualification by Similarity Guideline

When products are very similar, testing of one product may allow the other similar products to be added to the Integrators List without re-testing. If any “significant differences” exist between products, testing of each is required. The definition of “significant differences” is sometimes debatable and the final judgment is the responsibility of the compliance manager, who reports to the VESA Executive Director. As decisions are made on what are “significant differences,” the rules of thumb will be listed here. The ultimate responsibility for making sure that various production product models do not have “significant differences” from the product samples tested lies with each vendor. Audits by the compliance manager that reveal discrepancies between shipping product and samples tested may be cause for required re-test, revocation of certification, and/or legal action.

Whom to Contact

If you have questions or comments concerning the DisplayPort Compliance Program please contact: Bill Lempesis, Executive Director of VESA, or Jim Choate,