VESA Demonstrates DisplayPort 1.2’s Advanced Features at CES

The 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has come to a close, and the VESA team is back from a successful week in sunny Las Vegas!

During CES, VESA and our member companies provided a preview of future display capabilities enabled by DisplayPort v1.2’s advanced features. VESA showcased eight product demonstrations of what consumers can expect to see in 2012.  This included the industry’s highest resolution video delivery over a single cable, which consisted of a 4k x 2k @60Hz and 30 bit color display driven by a DisplayPort Source using High Bit Rate 2 (HBR2).  Multi-stream technology (MST) was also demonstrated in daisy-chaining and multi-display hub configurations, and there was an Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) demonstration showing Panel Self-Refresh (PSR), and a Thunderbolt-DisplayPort interoperability demonstration.

In addition to the 4k x 2k resolution and the daisy chaining capability demonstrations, a show highlight was the proposed VESA standard for Mobility DisplayPort (MYDP). MYDP is an innovative standard, currently in the final development stages, designed to enable content streaming from mobile devices to larger displays through the micro-USB port, allowing consumers to carry their content anywhere and view it anytime on various monitor sizes.

The combination of DisplayPort v1.2’s advanced features and MYDP means consumers can expect to be leveraging DisplayPort across a wide-variety of display configurations and device types in the near future. DisplayPort v1.2 is currently being integrated into PCs, laptops, graphics cards and monitors, and will arrive to market this year! According to NPD In-Stat, DisplayPort adoption into consumer products is expected to grow by more than 100 percent annually through 2014, with more than 400 million units expected to ship in 2015, so be on the lookout for products with the DisplayPort logo!

To get a sneak-peek at the proposed MYDP standard, check out this hands-on video from The Verge We have also posted videos of the other product demonstrations from CES on YouTube.