VESA Membership


To Become a Member:

1) Download a copy of the:

VESA Bylaws

Intellectual Property Policy 200D

Procedure for the Generation of VESA Standards and Non-Standard Documents 235H

Task Group Organization, Membership, Voting and Operating Procedures 210E

2) Complete the VESA Membership & Task Group Application: Member Application Form

3) Assign one person to be your VESA Voting Member. The Voting Member will receive invoices and other correspondence. No reproduction may be made of VESA standards information to non-member companies, unless expressly approved by VESA. Penalties for reproduction of copyrighted material will apply.

4) Remit your dues payment (see Annual Schedule of Dues on page 2) by mail to:

VESA Membership Services

1754 Technology Drive, Suite 238

San Jose, CA 95110

or by fax: 408-689-0976

5) Phone 408-982-3850 or email: for more information.

Corporate Membership Services

One vote per member company for final review and adoption vote.

The ability to send up to three representatives to Task Group meetings and to have a representative review, comment, and vote on all VESA Task Group proposals.

Participation in on-line forums and immediate access to VESA standards and proposals from the “Members Only” site.

Meeting announcements and email communications about Task Group/Subgroup activities and technology advances, as well as conference and seminar announcements.

All VESA standards, guidelines, and proposals available to you via the document download center (WorkZone) upon approval of application and receipt of dues.