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CES 2015

At CES 2015 in Las Vegas, VESA will feature multiple demonstrations that illustrate the power and flexibility of DisplayPort and related standards. These include:

  • USB Type-C– The ability to send DisplayPort, super-speed USB, and charging power through a single USB Type-C connector and cable will be on display. DisplayPort Alt Mode, developed jointly between VESA and USB, enables the highest display performance available, combined with the USB Type-C connector’s high-speed data transfer and power delivery functions.
  • Large-screen Gaming– The unsurpassed visual experience offered by DisplayPort will be on display; using a 4K at 60Hz display can also enable low latency.
  • AdaptiveSync– VESA’s new Adaptive-Sync addition to DisplayPort enhances gaming action through active frame rate control while also reducing system power and extending battery life.
  • 5K Display– The latest DisplayPort v1.3 standard can enable 5K at 60Hz displays through a single cable without the use of compression.
  • Display Stream Compression– Compressed vs. uncompressed video demonstrated side-by-side will showcase the visually lossless performance of this new standard that enables resolution beyond what is possible today.
  • The Flexibility of DisplayPort– VESA will be demonstration multi-display capability, and the ability of DisplayPort to support protocol adaptors to support other display interfaces.

Visit DisplayPort at CES 2015: LVCC South Hall 1 Booth 20624

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